Thursday, December 31, 2009


Get ready for some time traveling fiction!!! The Book of Time, by Guillaume Prevost, is a story about Sam Faulkner, a boy whose dad has disappeared. Oh, and his mom is dead. When searching around his dad's bookstore, he finds an old time machine. To operate the time machine, Sam places a coin with a hole in the middle into the time machine.
The time machine takes Sam to an island of really strict Christian monks. Past, present, or future? You decide (actually, it's past, but I'd hate to spoil the surprise)! He's taken to a bunch of different time periods, ending in Bruges, a medieval town. Here, the best part takes place. If you pay attention, you'll learn a devastating secret that could change Sam's present.

AND Sam's mean aunt is in love with some precarious jerk who dislikes Sam. I'd say he has a death wish on Sam. He booed Sam at the karate tournament, and he wouldn't let Sam see his cousin. "Your aunt says your a bad influence," he said. Oh, and get this: Sam's cousin's e-mail username is boyonthebeach. Do I sound like a gossip magazine? If I do, I'm going to leave.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Billy Sook

So if you say, "Let's bead a rook that's billy as can se", you're talkin' Runny Babbit talk, just like mim and he. That was a frote quom. Shel Silverstien's Runny Babbit, a collection of pymes and rhoems. If you rave head any of bis other hooks and tenjoyed hem, you'll thove lis one. Chome saracters are: Millie Woose; Snerry Jake; Toe Jurtle;Wormy Squirm, & many more.

These hilarious poems will leave you rolling on the floor. They will also leave you baffled with the language. Here's a clue: switch the 'R' in 'Runny' with the 'B' in Babbit.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is this book really rotten, there's BARF included!!! This book is The Big Blueberry Barf Off! by R.L. Stine, the first book in the Rotten School series. Rotten School is a DIS-GUSTING boarding school run by duck-like Headmaster Upchuck. Bernie Bridges (the main character and narrator), Chipmunk (an INCREDIBLY shy kid), Belzer (Bernie's assistant), Feenman and Crench (Bernie's best friends), Sherman (Bernie's archenemy, also the richest kid at Rotten School), Beast (his name says it all), Jennifer Ecch (she loves Bernie), April-May June (Bernie's "girlfriend-to-be"), and Wes Upwood (the coolest kid around) are all kids in the school. So when Sherman shows everyone his awesome watch, Bernie decides he'll do ANYTHING to get it.

If YOU get grossed out, DON'T BLAME IT ON ME!!! When I read it, I was GROSSED-OUT (Actually, I thought it was pretty funny.)!!! The moral of this story? Don't buy rope t-shirts!!! Now, some of you may be wondering, "what do rope t-shirts have to do with barf?" Well you'll find out if you read this book. = ) WARNING: don't read this book before lunch!!!