Thursday, December 31, 2009


Get ready for some time traveling fiction!!! The Book of Time, by Guillaume Prevost, is a story about Sam Faulkner, a boy whose dad has disappeared. Oh, and his mom is dead. When searching around his dad's bookstore, he finds an old time machine. To operate the time machine, Sam places a coin with a hole in the middle into the time machine.
The time machine takes Sam to an island of really strict Christian monks. Past, present, or future? You decide (actually, it's past, but I'd hate to spoil the surprise)! He's taken to a bunch of different time periods, ending in Bruges, a medieval town. Here, the best part takes place. If you pay attention, you'll learn a devastating secret that could change Sam's present.

AND Sam's mean aunt is in love with some precarious jerk who dislikes Sam. I'd say he has a death wish on Sam. He booed Sam at the karate tournament, and he wouldn't let Sam see his cousin. "Your aunt says your a bad influence," he said. Oh, and get this: Sam's cousin's e-mail username is boyonthebeach. Do I sound like a gossip magazine? If I do, I'm going to leave.

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