Monday, December 20, 2010

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 14: Kraven the Hunter

Sergei Kravinov was the son of Nikolai and Anna. He had a half-brother named Dmitri, who Sergei tormented. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the Kravinovs were forced to flee to the US and UK, where there name was anglicized to 'Kravinoff'. Sergei left America to find adventure, traveling the world as a stowaway on cargo ships. Living in Africa, Sergei developed a talent to hunt. As an adult, he became the wealthy 'Kraven the Hunter'. Kraven stole a witch doctor's formula, which he used to enhance his strength and speed. Through these potions, which he shared with his half-brother 'the Chameleon', Kraven maintained his youth for many decades. Through the years, Kraven sired several children. These were Vladimir, Alyosha, and Nedrocci. Chameleon and Kraven both attempted to defeat the fledgling super hero Spider Man, but were defeated and deported. They tried to escape but were stopped by the Avengers. Doctor Octopus offered Kraven a chance of revenge by joining the original Sinister Six along with the Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, and Sandman.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 13: Doctor Octopus

Doctor Otto Octavius used to work for Norman Osborn, until an explosion at Oscorp labs fused four metal arms to his body. He then sought out vengeance against Justin Hammer, the man he held responsible for his condition. After Spider Man saved Justin Hammer, he decided to hunt Spider Man instead. He joined Mysterio, the Vulture, Sandman, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter in the Sinister Six. Unfortunately, Spider Man beat the crap out them one at a time.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 12: the Green Goblin

Norman Osborn, the creator of the Oz formula that gave Spider Man his powers, decided to give himself Oz. Unfortunately, the results drove him to insanity, and he became known as the costumed super-villain the Green Goblin. He had a son named Harry Osborn, who was friends with Peter Parker*.

*Spider Man's secret identity- Jdude

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 11: the Punisher

Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher, was a hater of Wilson Fisk, the kingpin of New York crime. In fact, he hated all crime. He created an alter ego for himself and became known as the Punisher. He seeks to destroy all crime, super-powered or not.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Author's Notes

  • You may have noticed that the past few posts have been about comics. This is because I am starting a new series of posts called 'A History of Marvel Comics'.
  • I'm going to start using the asterix symbol! (*)
  • Author's Notes is going to be monthly.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 10: Newly Recruited X-Men

After a while, several of the X-Men left. Iceman and Angel left to join a team with Hercules, Ghost Rider and Black Widow, while Beast went on to join the Avengers. They were replaced by Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Wolverine.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 9: Daredevil

Daredevil is a blind lawyer whose father was murdered. Although he doesn't really have any powers, his senses are incredibly sharp. There's not much I can say about him, except he sometimes works with Elektra is not fond of Spider Man.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 8: The Avengers

Thor's malevolent brother, Loki, unleashed the Hulk on an unsuspecting public. This brought together Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man, and the Wasp. They managed to stop Loki's plan before anyone got hurt. Later, they found Captain America floating in a block of ice. He thaws out and becomes one of the Avengers after helping them fight Namor. Like the X-Men, they are constantly recruiting new members.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 7: Spider Man

Peter Parker was on a field trip to Oscorp labs, Norman Osborn's company. There he was bitten by a radioactive spider. His parents had died in a plane crash, so he was living with his aunt May and his uncle Ben. He also had a red- headed girlfriend named Mary Jane and a friend known as Harry Osborn. Anyway, when he gets the of his new powers he decides to get a job as a wrestler but comes home to find his Uncle Ben dead. He then realizes that "with great power comes great responsibility"*. However, the Chameleon disguised himself as Spider Man and framed him for crimes. With the help of the Fantastic Four, though, the Chameleon was captured.

*Spidey quote- Jdude

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 6: The Fantastic Four

The era that you have been reading about is called the Golden Age of Comics. This is the time when such heroes as Captain America, the Hulk, Spider Man, and Iron Man were created. But one of the most famous super hero teams of all is the Fantastic Four.
Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (the Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (the Thing) were on an experimental rocket ship when there shielding failed and they were affected by radiation. They learned that they had gained super- powers and became known as the Fantastic Four. Their most famous enemy is Dr. Doom.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 5: The X-Men

Charles Xavier, a mutant telepath, decided to put together a team of mutant superheroes. Bobby Drake (Iceman), Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Thomas Halloway (Angel), and Henry McCoy (Beast) were the original X-Men. They went on several adventures together, and are constantly recruiting new X-Men. Their most famous enemies are Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 4: The Incredible Hulk

During the same time that Iron Man was being created, Bruce Banner was testing the results of a gamma bomb explosion on a monkey. However, Banner's intern Rick Jones freed the monkey from its cage just as the bomb went off. Rick and the monkey manged to escape in time, but Banner was irradiated and became a green, anger- triggered monster known as the Hulk. General 'Thunderbolt' Ross didn't like the Hulk, so he started chasing the Hulk across the country. Rick left the Hulk for some reason, and the Hulk spent a lot of time looking for him. Hulk's most famous enemies are General 'Thunderbolt" Ross and the abomination.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 3: Iron Man

A little after Thor, Tony Stark built a suit of iron armor for himself. At first it's pretty basic. It's silver. The next version is gold but looks the same. Then there is a version which looks like the standard Iron-Man suit. He has a girlfriend named Pepper Potts and a friend named Jim Rhodes, for whom he builds a suit for. Jim Rhodes customizes his Iron-Man suit so that it has really heavy artillery but isn't as maneuverable. Iron Man doesn't have a main enemy, but his most famous one is the Mandarin.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 2: Thor

Many years after Captain America, a doctor named Donald Blake is chased by stone men from Saturn into an old cave. There he finds a twisted old cane, which then becomes the hammer of Thor, turning him into the Norse thunder god himself! Thor then chases away the invaders from Saturn and goes on many adventures. Thor's main enemies are Loki (left) and Enchantress.

A History of Marvel Comics: Part 1: Captain America

Steve Rogers was injected with the super-soldier serum and became known as Captain America. He was given super-strength and speed. His original costume looked just like the picture on the right, except his shield was triangular instead instead of circular, as shown on the left. He worked with Miss America, Golden Girl, the Whizzer, and Bucky. Captain America's main enemy is Red Skull. While Miss America and Golden Girl were investigating the disappearances of Namor, the Whizzer, the Original Human Torch, and Toro, Captain America went off to fight Baron Zemo with Bucky. Unfortunately, they plane they were trying to de-bomb exploded while in the air and Bucky fell to the ground while Captain America fell into the ocean.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amulet book 3: the Cloud Searchers

The third Amulet book is amazing. I personally loved it. I think it's my favorite so far! Here Navin, Emily, the fox-guy, the mom, Miskit, and Cogsley are trying to find Cielis, the flying city with the stonekeeper council and stuff. Most people say it went boom but some people think it still exists, like Enzo and Rico, to cat-dudes that pilot airships. Luger and Trellis are on the run from an assassin known as Gabilan the Hunter!!! They hitch a ride with everyone else and try to fly through The Golbez Cycle, a massive thunderstorm. It's hard, but I finishedsjcfnjnxjdkrtjfgd...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Author's Notes

O-Kay... I am going to start doing a series of mini- posts called 'Author's Notes'. It will have the latest news about my blog, the media, and books in general. That said, here is the rest of the news:
  • The third Amulet book came out. It is great. I'll write a post about it soon.
  • The number of people visiting my blog is slipping. That's why I'm doing this!
That's the news for today! Come back later for more news.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sea of Very Gross, Disgusting, and/or Ferocious Creatures (also known as monsters)

Remember when I wrote that post about The Lightning Thief? Well, I'm back with book two, The Sea of Monsters. I'm still not sure which is better, but I hope the movie has more plot this time. Anyway, this time Percy and his friends must embark on a dangerous journey to rescue their friend Grover, the satyr. Oh, and we learn the secrets of the Bermuda triangle during the journey. Many old myths are introduced, including Circe, the woman who turned people into animals. And Black beard. Black beard is also in this book.
Anyway, The plot is that Grover, the satyr, was captured by a cyclops and has survived by pretending to be a female cyclops making a really really really really really really really really really really really really...-gasp-... really long wedding train.
Now, Annabeth and Percy must travel with this really mean person across the Bermuda Triangle, also known as... (here it comes)...
THE SEA OF MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three words: Read. This. Book.
Two more words: It. Rocks.

Monday, May 31, 2010

How to bet your friend fifty bucks that they can't eat thirty worms(one per day), then try to stop them from doing that

I apologize for the speck, but you're in for a treat today!!! THIS. IS. THE. BOOK. I mean seriously, the book!!!!!! This is the book I was reading in my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, this book is a minor legend. Sort of like Nemesis, the Greek goddess of revenge (if you don't know who Nemesis is, Google Nemesis, Greek goddess of revenge). So, this couple of kids bet their friend that he couldn't eat thirty worms, one a day, but do you know who wins? STAY TUNED!!!

Just kidding.

Anyway, the kid gets a little help from his friends and family. That helps him win(?) the fifty bucks that were bet. I might do a second post on this book, but that's not very likely.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amulet BOOK TOO (pardon my spelling)

I'm back with more Amulet information, 'cause book 2's HEEERE!!!

The kid's mom was poisoned in the first book, so now they're traveling to this town called Kanalis with a bunch of robots they found in the first book. Oh yeah, the robrot bunny didn't turn into a fox. You'll learn about that later (in the book, I mean). Anyway, the kids found out that this one house is actually a giant robot. The elves are still the bad guys, and this isn't the last book.
Sometimes I find myself without any ideas, so here's a link to a not-so-fun website: never mind.
Okay, I'm back.
Stay tuned for book 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lightning Thief

If you've seen the movie, and loved it, DON'T READ THE BOOK!!! There are a billion things wrong with the movie, and barely anything is right. And don't get me started on the magic "pearls"!!! In short, the movie known as The Lightning Thief sucked. Wait, can I say sucked on my blog? But, this isn't a blog about movies. If you want to hear about the movie, go here.
This book is about an 12 year old kid who ends up vaporizing his teacher, Ms. Dodds, who is actually a Fury. His mom takes him to this place called Camp Half-Blood, but they end up getting attacked by the Minotaur, which is actually more bull than man. Oh, and his best friend, Grover Underwood, is really a satyr, which is a person from the waist up, but is a goat from the waist down. And his latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, is a centaur, but I think you know what a centaur is.
He makes friends with a girl named Annabeth, who is a daughter of Athena. Then he learns that he is a son of Poseidon and has been accused of stealing Zeus's master lightning bolt, the most powerful weapon ever created. By now should probably know that this book is based on Greek myths.
Percy decides that Hades is the real thief, and starts traveling all over the country looking for the entrance to the Underworld. He decides to let Grover and Annabeth come with him. They face various monsters, including Medusa, the Furys, and Cerberus.
In short, the book rocked and the movie sucked. But if you like this book, you should read the second book in the series, The Sea of Monsters.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Andrew Clement's Frindle

Este libro se trata de un nino llamado Nick Allen. Nick estaba en quinto grado. Era famoso en su escuela por sus ideas. En segundo grado, Nick y sus amigos hicieron el salon mirar como una isla de Hawaii. Nadie olvidara de eso. Pero ahora que estaba en quinto grado, su maestra de ingles, Ms. Granger, no queria eso. Un dia, Nick trato de hacer la clase mas corta. Pregunto por que tenian todas esas palabras en el diccionario. Ms. Granger dijo que deberia dar un reporte sobre eso la proxima dia.
La proxima dia, cuando Nick dio su reporte, lo hizo tan largo que tomo casi toda la clase. Cuando Nick y su amigo Nora estaban caminando a casa, Nora encontro a un lapiz. Nick lo dio a Nora y dijo, -Aqui esta su... frindle.- Eso era como frindle-mania empezo.

In case you don't speak spanish, here's what I just said: This book is about a boy named Nick Allen. Nick was in fifth grade. He was famous in his school for his ideas. In second grade, Nick and his classmates made their classroom look like one of the Hawaiian islands. No one would ever forget that. But now that he was in fifth grade, his english teacher, Ms. Granger, didn't want that. One day, Nick tried to make the classtime shorter by asking why there were all these words in the dictionary. He ended up having to give a report about just that.
The next day, when Nick gave his report, he made it take so long that, by the time he finished, class was almost over! When Nick was walking home with his friend Nora*, Nora found a pen. Nick gave it to her and said, "You dropped your... frindle." And that was how frindle-mania began.

*Was that the same Nora from The Report Card by Andrew Clements?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who You Gonna Call? Ghosthunters!!!

If your a fan of Ghostbusters, then this series is for you!!! In the second book of the series, a young boy named Tom, a professional ghost hunter named Hetty Hyssop and an ASG (Averagely Spooky Ghost) named Hugo must stop a GILIG (Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost) from haunting a seaside hotel. Oh, and the GILIG is one of the most dangerous ghost species ever. Think that's hard? Well, get this: the GILIG turns guests on the fourth floor into FGs (Fire Ghosts)!!!
Now, you might think that this is a rip-off of Ghostbusters, but it's not. Here, the ghosts have abbreviations instead of names. The point is, Ghosthunters is as good as Ghostbusters. Oh, and Ghosthunters has FOUR books! You just got MOTED!!!!! Sorry, I just HAD to do that.


At first sight, the title might say, "I'm a boring non-fiction story about rocks!!!" while the illustration might say, "I'm an adventure story about bunnies and people!!!" In the end, you'll find out you were wrong all along and have an urge to read the sequel. Hey, book three is coming out soon, and then they're gonna make Amulet into a Live Action film starring What's-his-name and What's-her-face.
Anyway, Amulet is about these two kids who move into their great-grandfather Silas' house with their mom after their dad dies in an icy accident. There, the girl finds a strange amulet, hence the title. Stay tuned for my post about Amulet: book 2!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wimpy Kid!!!

Aaahh... a classic. In the book that started it all, Greg haplessly starts his misadventures in middle school. He tells how he met his friend Rowley, why he's creeped out by Fregley, and the mean trick he played on Chirag Gupta.

Why, you ask, does everyone love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid? I'll tell you. The humor keeps the story alive, it makes you want to keep on reading. It makes you want to , um, cry?

As you can see, I have posted a picture from the book. Here, Greg is deciding wether or not he should take Home Economics 1 for next year's class. In case your wondering, Greg is the guy in the middle, his best friend is Rowley, the creepy kid across the street is Fregley, Chirag Gupta is the kid who moved away but then came back, Holly Hills is the girl Greg's in love with, and the cheese touch is like cooties: if you touch a moldy old cheese that's just lying around on the blacktop, you get the cheese touch. And the only way to get rid of the cheese touch is by passing it on to someone else. Guess what? my dad has the cheese touch!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Second Benedict Review

Remember how I wrote a review for The Mysterious Benedict Society? And how everybody loved the review? Well, I finally finished the sequel (and I'm halfway through the third book) and, well, here's the review.

Constance, Reynie, Sticky, and Kate must embark on a not-so-dangerous quest in order to find Mr. Benedict (who is being held hostage at his own party). Their quest takes them overseas, where they meet Mr. Benedict's old friend, to Holland, where they encounter the treacherous Ten Men, and finally, to a tiny uncharted island, where I shouldn't give away the plot. Even if you really are on a perilous journey of your own, this brain-teasing tale will leave you in delight!

Oh, and not only is it an adventure story, but it's also a heartwarming tale of friendship. Question: is the sequel to the sequel called a trequel?