Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Name of This Book is Secret

No! Seriously! That's what this book is called! The character's names are secret, too. And so is the location. Heck, the author's name is secret! You're probably wondering: 'If everything is secret, how can a story be told?' I'll tell you.
Names: The names are code names.
Location: Just use the place where you live.
Author's name: Sorry, can't help you there.
Now that you know how to tell a secret story, I'll tell you the plot. 'Cassandra' and 'Max-Ernest' discover The Symphony of Smells, a box containing ninety-nine vials, each one with their own smell. 'Cass' decides that they should explore the mystery over the previous owner's death. I probably shouldn't tell you any more, or I might spill the Secret.

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