Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson

Well, this is the Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson (or BBBBS, for short). This is a collection of Bart Simpson comics, numbers 25-28. The stories are focused on Bart, Lisa, and their friends.

The first comic, Prince of Pranks, includes the stories: Comics Fan No More, in which Bart becomes Comic Book Guy's assistant at the comic con; Box Office Bingo, in which Bart and his friends buy tickets to G-rated movies and sneak into R-rated ones; and Cross Country Clown, in which Bart and Homer win free tickets to Krusty's Kalifornia Experience and end up sitting next to Krusty the Clown on the plane.

The second comic, Big Spender, includes the stories: Bart Gets Stumped, where Bart and Milhouse try to protect their treehouse from getting cut down; Mayor Maggie, where Maggie dreams that she is mayor; and Stink & Stinkability, where Bart goes on a stink strike.

The third comic, Sneaky Pete, includes the stories: Hot Air Bufoon, in which Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse go soaring above Springfield in a hot air balloon; The Case of the Sax Solo Saboteur, in which Lisa tries to figure out who is trying to ruin her solo; and No Purchase Necessary, in which Bart searches for a winning game piece.

The fourth and final comic, Straight Shooter, includes the stories: Lisa the Vampire Croaker, where Lisa and Bart become vampire hunters; Milhouse...The Girl?, where Milhouse sells Girl Scout Cookies; Bart Goes To The Movies, where Bart tries to get into the movies without a ticket; and Angry Dad in "Trimming The Hedges", where Bart writes a comic about Homer.

I love this book because not only is it filled with hilarious comics, it's about the Simpsons. And the Simpsons are hilarious. So, you see, there's no reason not to read it!!!


  1. I love the Simpsons, too! I'm interested to know why YOU think the Simpsons are hilarious. What is it about these comics that makes you laugh?