Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monster Blood

Now is the time for some HORROR (actually it was a while ago, but now it's too late...or is it?)!!! And it's coming in the form of...MONSTER BLOOD!!! Goosebumps: Monster Blood is a terrifying book. The name says it all...MONSTER BLOOD!!!

In Monster Blood a kid named Evan goes to Atlanta to stay with his deaf great-aunt Kathryn. There he meets a tomboy named Andy, who shows him around the town. Together they find a can of monster blood at an old toy store and purchase it. A few days after opening it, it starts to bubble and gurgle and grow.

I don't want to spoil this short book's plot, so I won't. But I'll tell you one thing: this is only the first book in the Monster Blood series. The other books are Monster Blood II,III,IV, and Monster Blood For Breakfast. If you read this book, be prepared for nightmares!!! Side effects include screaming, yelling, sleeping with a night light, and wetting the bed. Flashlight not included.


  1. I really like the way that you described the MONSTER BLOOD. I'd really like to read it, Jasper.
    ---Jackson C

  2. Yes, but be prepared for nightmares!!!

  3. I've read it already.
    For some reason, most goosebumps books don't scare me. I read this one 7 weeks ago, not nearly as scary as 'Phantom Of The Auditorium'.
    That book I read at night, I started trembling:(